Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Silver Brook (SB) is the only 360-degree learning solutions provider with over 17 years of global experience in providing customized learning interventions, both in the classroom and on virtual platforms.

We believe in immersive and innovative learning solutions, and with SB NxT—a gamified, AI-powered tool—we provide personalized, continuous learning pathways anytime, anywhere.

We draw on our sought-after, industry-experienced facilitators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and aim to create a personalized learning experience for the participants. Our ability to define training objectives, design and deliver customized training, support implementation, certify competence, and evaluate training outcomes makes us a key partner for the L&D department when refocusing staff, capturing commercial opportunities, or managing change.

Exhibit Partner

At Tantalum, we provide training on the essential business, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Tailored for businesses, professionals, and job seekers alike, our program equips you with skills that set you apart from the competition. We employ engaging methods such as immersive games, storytelling, peer feedback, reflection, and visualization to help you excel in your field. Our visually measurable behaviours™ and actions help you bring about profound transformation within a quick turnaround time, enabling you to seamlessly apply these abilities in real-world scenarios.