Gold Partners

Frontline teams are key to fuelling growth. Keeping them in sync will help you manage changing market conditions. Bsharp focuses on enabling the frontline with its super accessible platform.

The Bsharp frontline companion platform helps companies train, engage, and equip their frontline. The flexible, all-in-one platform enables over 20,000 frontline personnel across 15 countries. From running KPI-based contests to training to collecting field reports, all your frontline enablement needs are met through one easy-to-use platform.

With enterprise-class scalability and security, companies such as Lenovo, Levi's, Johnson and Johnson, IFB and celio engage with Bsharp to enable their frontline teams.

With TECHADEMY comes personalized learning. As one of the world-first, TECHADEMY takes pride in pioneering a holistic learning experience/ engagement platform that possesses all pertinent fractions to ensure learner stickiness, promote learnability and levitate towards learning & business objectives. Learning effectiveness has always been our primary goal. The custom services and solutions offered have the ability to work in isolation or together, creating emphatic learning experiences, achieved via structured synergy which aims to percolate knowledge, establish skill and improve ability.

With a heavy emphasis on instilling a culture of continuous learning, our Unified Learning Experience Platform makes L&D Strategies less about managing learners and ticking boxes, and more on arresting Learning Drop-offs™ nurturing a workforce to their full potential, and by default, guarantee significant Returns on Learning.

Silver Partner

A winner of 50+ industry awards and recognitions, UpsideLMS is a full-featured, AI-powered, Cloud-based, Learning Management System. Its SaaS architecture brings you advantages of speed, scalability, innovation, lower TCO, and higher ROI, while its comprehensive feature set makes the management of your Online, Formal, Social/Informal and Mobile Learning (through a Responsive Learner side and Mobile Apps) easy and efficient. This industry-agnostic LMS is trusted by over 2.5 million learners and 175 clients worldwide. UpsideLMS also houses Plethora, the largest curated digital learning library from the world’s top training providers.

Exhibit Partners

Falco Peregrinus is a wide spectrum consulting company, with a mission to empower the use of technology to simplify everyday life. Being a technology agnostic firm, Falco Peregrinus’ USP lies in finding essential solutions to businesses’ everyday problems.

Falco has been catering to a diverse set of business problems with utmost rigor with a special focus on boosting startups and small & medium scale enterprises by providing technology interventions in L&D, Product Engineering, PMaaS and Brand Management.

Learning & Development vertical is a passion area for the co-founder Ashok, who still fondly classifies himself as a Learning Technologist. Due to his passion towards learning, Falco looks at ways to provide technology interventions to make learning more engaging and increase the learning recall. Falco team puts on the table 150+ years of cumulative experience in rapid e-learning development, developing and running virtual classrooms, Gamification of learning, pure online, blended, and ILT learning, and mobile learning.

Falco has successfully implemented several ICD and Gamification platforms both as a stand-alone as well as for organisational development initiatives, providing micro learning and adaptive learning models. Falco has successfully implemented various LMS’s for fortune 500 companies, including adapting the LMSs to create a hybrid off-line-online model given the current COVID situations.

Conceptualized By

Inventicon stands for Industries + Events + Ideas + Concepts. Inventicon Business Intelligence is the end result of a decade long effort by the founders in the space of business information. We develop sector focused informational conferences and training workshops. Our conferences revolve around current scenarios and opportunities in the global market place and provide timely opportunities for solution providers to meet their target market and for end users to take back key learning and experiences. Our events act as a point of convergence for senior industry professionals who strive for innovation, strategy and commercial drive. Delegates can expect to hear from industry's best practitioners, get in direct contact with regulators and stimulate high level discussions with peers. The training portfolio is dedicated to developing skill sets around complex workplace and functional issues as they need constant honing. Our in-house training offerings are particularly useful for companies who prefer a customized agenda.

The bespoke events portfolio aims at crisp round table discussions involving a targeted group of end users in a multi-city format. In true sense, we aspire to disseminate critical business intelligence to the rapidly growing corporate and institutional world in the country and not limited to a specific sector.