Given the tectonic shifts in the business landscape recently, talent management is now among the top five priorities for most organizations, irrespective of their industry or market position. As we enter a new year, employers across the country are starting to gain a deeper appreciation of the great expectations employees have for their career and life goals. The challenges of the last two years have forced many employers to abandon traditional learning models and reimagine what L&D looks like for a hybrid workforce. Now that we have finally found our footing in the new world of work, it's time for HR leaders to continue on a path of innovation, reignite their dedication to learning and development, and start upskilling their employees for the new era.

Following the tremendous success of 11th L&D Summit, we bring to you the 12th edition of Learning & Development Leadership Summit & Awards 2023. The latest edition brings together professionals across various industries to share and showcase how to further enhance the L&D function through effective coaching, building an ideal work culture, measuring data to make better decisions, and leveraging the technological advancements to up the learning game.


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  • Shifting the focus from cost to value - The strategic opportunity that L&D can create
  • Role of CLO in making organization future fit
  • Success metrics: How to measure training effectiveness
  • Aligning the learning strategies with the talent needs and business goals
  • Gamification in training and development processes: Perception on effectiveness and results
  • Developing strategies to incorporate various D&I into training


  • Delivering sophisticated, timely and measurable L&D initiatives that align to the organization's goal
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your L&D strategies post pandemic
  • Building a learning organisation - re-engineering your L&D strategy to empower employees in managing their learning needs and careers
  • Reimaging the role of leaders and learners - creating a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Putting a L&D strategy in place and be part of the total HR performance management strategy
  • Aligning training & development programs with organisational objectives


  • Execute the key learning excellence, training strategies and technologies in your organization
  • In-depth, trend-forward sessions with tons of practical takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in the L&D journey
  • Learn how L&D practitioners across industries and disciplines have made an impact on their companies and what results they are seeing
  • Know how to shape L&D for improved business outcome
  • Develop and implement a learning management framework and workflow procedures
  • Learn from industry experts through panel discussions and exclusive Q & A sessions
  • Forge partnerships by conducting one to one meeting with partners, and exhibitors to discuss your needs, opportunities, and challenges


  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Chief Leadership Development Officer
  • Chief Talent Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Head - Talent Acquisition & Management
  • Head - Organizational Development